About Ad Ratings


The Aim

Our goals with Ad Ratings are simple. We want to help brands make better ads. We want marketers' money to work harder. We want you to see more profitable growth. 

So we've taken System1's ad testing - the most predictive, best-validated method for rating creative - and applied it to every ad that airs in 25 top categories on US and UK TV. 

We found that most ads aren't helping build brands long term. Ad Ratings lets you find the ones that are working, and adjust your media planning and spend accordingly. It's a real-time creative benchmarking system to help you boost growth and battle waste.


Next-day data on next year's growth

Marketers know how important long-term brand growth is. They want to put more focus on the long term, but it’s hard. With business decisions made on a daily basis, it’s tough for long-term metrics to get the visibility and impact they need.

Ad Ratings helps you put long-term profitable growth back onto your daily agenda. By rating every new ad that airs in your category, predicting its potential long-term impact on brand growth and uploading the results the next business day, we provide a constantly updated picture of the category.

Ad Ratings lets you prioritise ads with high growth potential, improve work that’s on the cusp of high profitability, and cut off the supply of non-working spend.


The Method

At the core of Ad Ratings is System1’s award-winning methodology for testing creative, independently validated by the IPA as predictive of long-term brand growth.

Marketing science (e.g. Binet & Field, The Long And The Short Of It, 2012) shows that emotional campaigns are far more likely to achieve long-term growth than message-driven, rational ads.

So the best way to predict long-term growth potential is to measure emotional response to an ad. The more people feel, the more people buy.

We show every ad we test to 150 people online. Each of them uses a series of faces - representing the seven basic emotions as defined by Dr Paul Ekman - to indicate how they felt about the ad and how intensely. We also measure second-by-second emotional response and Brand Fluency (how strongly and quickly they connect an ad to its brand).

Emotion is the engine of our predictive model, not an afterthought. That’s why our method is the most accurate available for predicting long-term, brand-building, profitable growth.